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Virtual World Peace Project – Video

The Reality of World Peace – Think about it It’s simple – Watch the short youtube video “The Reality of World peace” and read about the health benefits of thinking about world peace. Then Imagine what a peaceful world would


ToughTalk Radio Interview with Dr. Alan Simberg

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO RADIO INTERVIEW Diana E. Ruiz is a certified Holistic practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a disarmingly simple technique that relieves stress – quickly.  It is a must-have tool for creating a rejuvenating


Radio Interview on MsReasonShowTM

CLICK TO LISTEN TO INTERVIEW w/MSREASON   MsReasonShowTM Join Ms. Reason this evening as she speaks with Diana E. Ruiz, M.A this evening Thursday, Jan 30th at 6:30 pm EST – Diana is an accomplished Author, Speaker, Entertainer, and Inner

Healing Your Life With Water Book Cover

New Book – Healing Your Life with Water -by Diana E. Ruiz

New Book!   This is a ground breaking book that reveals the surprising key to feeling better, looking younger, living longer and CHANGING THE WORLD – using your Mind, Body and Water Connection. If you want to feel and live better,