Diana E. Ruiz is a certified Holistic practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a disarmingly simple technique that relieves stress – quickly.  It is a must-have tool for creating a rejuvenating lifestyle. This technique helped Diana overcome; depression, PTSD, panic attacks and a social phobia brought on by challenges early on in life.  Feeling better in life inspired her to write “Healing Your Life with Water”.


Book Reviews

“I am a longtime believer in the health benefits of water. In this book, Diana provides a unique perspective on the role water plays in all areas of life: health, mind, and body. It’s a must read for those interested in creating a better way of living.”

— Patrick Snow, International bestselling author ofCreating your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur


“The knowledge and tools provided in Healing Your Life with
Water has helped the women in my organization handle their
emotions easily and immediately. I recommend that you read and
learn from this brilliant woman.”
— Judy Hoff, pastor, counselor, founder of Queen it’s a New
Day, and author of Healing the Hole In Your Heart


“This ‘must read’ book reveals secrets, insights, and strategies to empower you to transform yourself with water, to feel younger, live longer, and enjoy a healthy life.”

 — Susan Friedmann, CSP, International bestselling author of Riches in Niches: How to make it BIG in a small Market


“Life! Happiness! Freedom! Success! That’s what I got as a direct result of this amazing book by Diana Ruiz. Reading it made me smile…implementing the techniques gave me LIFE! Moo Hoo.

  — LindiMoo, Professional Musician


Healing Your Life with Water is an easy read. I recently had the great opportunity to see the techniques Diana mentions ease pain and lower blood pressure first hand. I am excited about this information getting out into our communities and look forward to seeing how many lives it helps.

— Candie R. Cuneo, RN MSN-ed


“Nutrition is crucial for our emotional and physical health, our bodies heal and repair themselves when the toxins and acidity are reduced and the correct building blocks are present. Healing Your Life With Water provides a clear nutritional blueprint outlining what to feed your body of water to accomplish this.”

Cheri Soraparu, clinical nutritionist 


Healing Your Life with Water provides powerful tools that allow positivity to flow through your life and make a profound impact on your corner of the world.”

— Dr. Michelle Mazur, Ph.D., speaker, speech coach, and author of the upcoming book Imperfekt Communikation: Embracing Your Flaws to Share Your Story


“In Healing Your Life with Water, Diana Ruiz not only reveals the importance of understanding that our bodies are made of water, but she made my body of water sing as I read her words of wisdom about how we can heal our bodies and our planet by using the practical and inspiring techniques she includes in this book. You’ll never view water the same way.”

  — Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance


“The more we learn about the mind-body connection, the more valuable books like Healing Your Life With Waterbecome. This is an important message to share with people of all ages, including our children. Pick up a copy and personally enjoy the benefits today!”

— Karen Szillat, author of Empowering the Children


“Physical and emotional health are so connected. Healing Your Life with Water provides valuable tools and techniques to leverage this mind and body connection.”

— Al Foxx, speaker and author of Achieving no Limits: Embracing Change


“What a wonderful read for anyone who wants to be healthy in mind and body. There was so much good information, I found myself highlighting the information I could immediately focus on that would immediately make a big difference in my life. Feeling better and living longer can really be an option when you implement the knowledge and powerful tools outlined in this book.”

— Bonnie Richter, Vice-President, Winners Don’t Quit Association & co-author of the first printing of The Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest


Healing Your Life With Water provides a holistic approach to well-being, looking better, and feeling younger…whether you’re motivated by a very real need to get better…or by that other human motivator—good ol’ vanity. Either way, this book is a good resource for making real change.”

— Ricardo das Neves, yoga instructor and author ofUnenlightened: Confessions of an Irreverent Yoga Teacher