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Carol is a business professional in sales and is passionate about helping people. She wants to be successful and financially secure so she can relax and enjoy life with her husband and two children. Her bigger vision is to give back to her community and make a difference in the world.

In the morning she awakens and without thought, looks at her Facebook to see if there has been a response to the event she has posted – nothing.

She then opens her email and her inbox is overwhelming. Looking at her to do list, she wonders how she is going to get everything done. Her morning routine will not happen today and there is no time to work out as she had committed to – again. Continued…


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…She looks at the pile of cards she collected from the last networking meeting and sighs. Initially she had planned to personally call each one of them, however, the clock now say’s it’s noon and her first client will be arriving shortly.

Carol feels a sense of defeat – this is not the way she wanted to feel throughout her day.

It’s the end of the day and despite leaving the office late again, Carol was still unable to complete the work that needed to be done. She will be stopping for takeout instead of cooking for her family and will start tomorrow behind schedule just as she did today.

The good news; Tina can help Carol!

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Small Radical Changes for Exponential Results

  • How to change your business with small radical steps
  • The game changing mindset
  • How to save years of struggle
  • Laser-focused solutions to what is keeping you stuck
  • How to automate your business once and stop duplicating your efforts
  • How to master your inbox – finally
  • How to leverage landing pages, lists, tasks, and forms
  • How to organize and refine your presentations, scripts, and videos
  • How to make your database work for you – CRM clarity
  • Laser-focused techniques through “one-tasking”
  • How to take back your personal life and earn more money
  • How to create more energy.

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