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Regaining Balance – Mind Body and Spirit

 Many times the way we choose to eat, think and feel over a period of time puts our health at risk.  When the result of a chronic lifestyle creates health issues it is common to feel a sense of overwhelm.  Gentle self care is of utmost importance during this time. Learn to create a relaxed state of mind that boosts the healing process by learning a simple, easy technique proven to reduce stress in a Harvard Study.  Implementing the techniques along with the steps you are already taking with your Doctor, Dietitian or Practitioner is highly recommended.

Holistic Coaching Program Clients Learn:

  • Healthy coping techniques that boost the healing process
  • How to create inner calm quickly
  • Education and tools to prevent future illness
  • How to eat, drink, think and feel to better health
  • The problematic connection between stress and illness and how to solve it

What Clients are Saying:

“I always knew that stress was bad for you, but not until it started affecting my health did I seek help in reducing it.  I had suffered with chronic stress and high blood pressure for years and after a few sessions Diana was able to help me significantly reduce stress and lower my blood pressure by using a simple stress relief technique.   I also always thought that it was impossible to reduce stress, and that if you were the type of person that stressed over stuff… well then you were that type of person.    I am so relieved that  it IS possible and easy to relax about life – no matter what!  The results of her coaching have been HUGE for me!  I noticed a significant difference in my reaction to stress from our first session.  I feel more empowered, my relationships are more relaxed. I am using the tools she taught, and still trying to incorporate it into my daily life.  I thank Diana for her knowledge and continual support in my journey to relax and live a happier, healthier life.”  Melissa P.


“On October 29, 2012 I received the devastating news that I had Breast Cancer.  The following year and a half included multiple biopsies, surgeries and daily radiation treatments.  They tell me that I am “cancer free”, but rather than rejoicing, I was left feeling physically and emotionally drained, and very angry and fearful.  Angry that my body and my innocence were forever altered, and fearful that no matter what I could do to prevent it, the cancer would return and take even more of “me”.   I am so grateful to her and to the stress relief technique she taught me.  It seems so simple (and almost silly), but it works!    As a result I feel hopeful about my future and health and feel like my old self again….lighter, happier, more energetic and more confident.  I feel at peace with myself and life finally feels good again… Her coaching is simple and effective, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to feel good again.” ~ Linda S.

What Health Clinics are Saying:

I am happy to refer you. We really need someone like you to send our clients to. I can’t imagine their devastation or how a person would know how to deal with a life threatening illness. We are blessed to have met you!  – Leesha T., Day Spring Cancer Clinic, Scottsdale AZ

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All clients receive a copy of award winning book “Healing Your Life with Water – How to use your mind, body and water connection to awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth”


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