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Understanding Your Mind Body and Retirement Connection

Statistics say many things about retiring early or later but if you understand your Mind Body and Retirement connection you can blow statistics out of the water.  There is a way to Eat Think and Feel to boost your body’s natural rejuvenation no matter what age, status, work history, retirement date and financial state.  Learn these keys and you create the true wealth i.e health and happiness before or after retiring.

It’s Never Too Late to Grow Younger!

You were born with a body that wants to stay young – literally!  Every 7 years you have a brand new body.  There is a certain way to eat think and feel to speed our natural rejuvenation up – or slow it down. Learn the keys to revving your natural regeneration sooner rather than later!  Creating a state of mind and diet that boosts your healing process before and well into retirement is not only possible but SIMPLE and necessary to start enjoying life to the fullest NOW.  You don’t have to wait to retire to begin planning for a healthy retirement.  Growing your healing Emotional 401K is critical to fully enjoying your life now and later.

Youthful Retirement Clients Learn: 

  • About their incredible Inner Fountain of Youth
  • About their amazing Mind Body and Water Connection
  • How to Rejuvenate their Brain
  • How to Create a Rejuvenating Diet
  • The Simplest Way to Boost Health
  • How to Blow Past the #1 Reason Diets Fail and the The #1 Reason for Illness – Simply!
  • Tips Tools and Techniques to Boost Rejuvenation Before and After Retirement
  • How to Turn Common Challenges Into Rejuvenating Assets
  • How to Reconnect with Their Happier, Confident, Energetic Self Again


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 What Diana’s Clients Say:

“My life was spiraling out of control. I found myself holding onto anger, frustration, anxiety and stress. I was not treating my body well, neither did I care. Today I have more energy, began to work out again. I no longer feel anxiety or stress. The changes stimulated my life in such a way that things that I once stressed over have at present worked themselves out. Now my friends and family have noticed such a positive transformation in my attitude and overall aura that they are looking to get the training from Diana. I can’t stop smiling!” –  Marie Summers Host of the MsReasonShowTM


  • I’m Andrew Elf, a classically French trained, 5-time national award winning chef.  Together Diana and I uncovered triggers that were making it impossible for me to get to my desired weight and overall balance in my life.  With her coaching I made a dramatic improvement in reducing stress I had been carrying for many years.  I recommend her highly to my friends and fellow entrepreneurs.  She an integral part of my wellness team.
  • It is not an exaggeration to say that right now I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I could never have had the courage to mooove into the moo-sic business without Diana’s insight.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Diana Ruiz, for a new life…a beautiful new amazing life!  I wish EVERYONE could have a couple sessions with Diana…I’d love to see their smiles when they are done…I’d love to see the relief on their faces…I’d love to see YOU feel the way I do right now! – LindiMoo Professional Entertainer


Call for a free consultation 425-280-7822  or email

All clients receive a copy of award winning book

“Healing Your Life with Water – How to use your mind, body and water connection to awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth”


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