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The Reality of World Peace – Think about it

It’s simple – Watch the short youtube video “The Reality of World peace” and read about the health benefits of thinking about world peace. Then Imagine what a peaceful world would look and feel like to YOU and post it. Do it everyday! Go ahead – don’t be shy. Remember, sharing and reading thoughts of kindness actually boost your inner fountain of youth benefiting your cells, genes and brain! Feeling good ripples out and becomes a world wide event so go for it! The more thought we give to it the better….invite your peace loving friends to the group! —





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The REALITY of World Peace – VIDEO

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Thoughts become things, when you think about it EVERYTHING that ever came into this world was a thought first; Cars, planes, this computer your car. Everything  in the room you’re sitting in was a thought first in the mind of the inventor, then in the mind of the factory worker as he put it together,

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then in the mind of the store owner who made a decision to carry that product then in your mind when you decided you wanted to purchase it.  Even a meal you eat begins with the thought – I’m hungry – which motivates you to stand in front of the open fridge and contemplate what you’re in the mood for where you’ll  ultimately decide on what to eat after you mentally taste each thing until something makes your mouth water.  Thoughts become things…..literally. You could say that everything that ever existed – existed “virtually” in the mind of the inventor/creator before it became a reality.

Big and unbelievable thoughts become big amazing things.  The Wright brothers contemplated flying during a time when no one had heard of such a thing and undoubtedly that thought seemed unbelievable.  What others thought didn’t stop them from thinking BIG.

Everything begins with a thought, even war begins with a thought….World Peace is no different.

Did you notice that we talk about and hear about war so much and when we hear a conversation about world peace there is a little or loud voice that says “World Peace is impossible, get your head out of the clouds, you are dreaming, that’s not practical” – or this one – “THAT could never happen”  Now maybe you have a better idea as to why we are not experiencing world peace –

      THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS..even thoughts of not having world peace.  

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Its time we speak about, dream about, write about, talk about world peace.  Collectively and separately…how else can it become a reality?  We must create it “virtually” in our minds an conversations just as any other thing that eventually became a reality. Can you, in the privacy of your mind or home think or write about what a peaceful world looks like to you? How are people treating each other? How do they greet each other? How do you feel in a world where others are kind? If you are a painter can you paint it? if  you are a singer can you sing about it? If you are a author can you write about it?  If you are a dreamer can you dream it? Go ahead give it some thought…then give it some

Big thought.

If it feels uncomfortable or foreign to think of world full of peace just think of how uncomfortable you are with the one you currently live in.  That should be a motivation enough to start a new internal dialogue about welcoming peace on earth.   If we don’t like the world that we are living in we have to ask ourselves “who thought up the world we are experiencing now”? If we didn’t – then what are we doing to think up a different one? A better world?”

book cover smallerThe bonus is once you give yourself over to really thinking about it in a big way it generates rejuvenating, healing emotions according to studies about thinking kind thoughts toward others.  When we think kind things happening for others we benefit our health, cells, genes, boosts our immune system, strengthens our heart. Imagine what the benefits are for thinking kind things for the world! Thinking about peace on earth good will toward others generates healing internal peace at a cellular level. Win – win!! Diana E. Ruiz was inspired with the reality of “Virtual World Peace” while writing her latest book. You can read more about how simple it is to Feel Good and Change the World and why Feeling Good is a Worldwide Event in  “Healing Your Life with Water – How to use your Mind Body and Water Connection to Awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth”


We have brought many things into our lives with our thoughts and desires; a new car, a relationship, anew house our next meal etc. which have benefited and enriched our lives. Because of that we know that what we truly desire we can bring into reality…we’ve practiced this on the little things with success. We’ve practiced which has prepared us for bigger things that benefit not only ourselves but all of mankind.


Thoughts become things, Big thoughts become Big things 

World peace

Think about it…

…..a lot!

Thank you to Joshua Ruiz for donating his inspiring digital art to this post

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ToughTalk Radio Interview with Dr. Alan Simberg


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Diana E. Ruiz is a certified Holistic practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a disarmingly simple technique that relieves stress – quickly.  It is a must-have tool for creating a rejuvenating lifestyle.

This technique helped Diana overcome her own social phobias brought on by life.

She went from being too afraid to walk out in a parking lot in broad daylight to being on stage and performing before upwards of 3,000 people while leading her own band.

It also helped her overcome obstacles to her longtime dream of becoming an author and a benefit to mankind, earth and our oceans.

Diana’s desire to help friends, family, and organizations that assist those struggling in the community to “de-stress” inspired her to write

Healing Your Life with Water – How to use your Mind Body and Water connection to Awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth”

hoping it would benefit all.

As a singer/songwriter and a musician, Diana has always found music to be a healing force in her life, and creating music is a necessary outlet that she shares in her appearances.

Her upcoming CDs are dedicated to capturing peaceful healing sounds.–how-to-use-your-mind-body-and-water


Radio Interview on MsReasonShowTM


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MsReasonShowTM Join Ms. Reason this evening as she speaks with Diana E. Ruiz, M.A this evening Thursday, Jan 30th at 6:30 pm EST – Diana is an accomplished Author, Speaker, Entertainer, and Inner Fountain of Youth Coach. Her latest book: “Healing Your Life with Water – How to use your Mind, Body and Water Connection to Awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth” has recently been awarded Honorable Mention in both the London and New England book festivals as well as a 5-star review from Readers Favorite. Diana takes us on a voyage of self-discovery about our own inner fountain of youth and reveals water as the simple “solution” and untapped miracle the world has been waiting for through simple techniques and new knowledge. Diana uses her Master’s in Communication and her life experiences to offer powerful words and give powerful performances to large audiences.  Listeners Ms. Ruiz invites you to go to her site and sign up for a free personal 30-60 minute Inner Fountain of Youth Consultation




Where to find our guest:


Video trailer & Book review:

Skype: Diana.wilk1

Cell: 425-280-7822


New Book – Healing Your Life with Water -by Diana E. Ruiz

Healing Your Life With Water Book Cover

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New Book!

  This is a ground breaking book that reveals the surprising key to feeling better, looking younger, living longer and CHANGING THE WORLD – using your Mind, Body and Water Connection.

If you want to feel and live better, Purchase HERE and read on….

Are You Ready?

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  • To turn on your “fountain of youth” gene?
  • Create inner and global change?
You are made up of 70% water so you are a “body of water”.
“Healing Your Life With Water – How to use your Mind Body & Water Connection to awaken your Inner Fountain of Youth” provides valuable information, groundbreaking simple tools and exercises that will assist you in creating a rejuvenating mindset naturally.
Transforming your life, health and relationships does not happen by accident.  This book gives practical tools and knowledge to set about and consciously create a life that gives life back to you!


Diana Sings “Rock Me Right”

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