Those who dedicate their lives an organization that helps others have their own set of special challenges on every level; financial, rallying volunteers, event planning and coordination, making donors feel valued AND finding personal balance in their own lives. 

**This Seminar can also be offered as a Donor and Volunteer Appreciation event that heralds the rejuvenating benefits of being involved with your organization

Participants will learn about:


  • Their Inner Fountain of Youth
  • The Rejuvenating Benefits of Helping Others
  • Simple Stress Relief  Techniques
  • How to Change the World and Feel Younger 
  • How to Eat Think and Feel to Boost Rejuvenation
  • Why Feeling Good is a Worldwide Event



“I’m Andrew Elf, a classically French trained, 5-time national award winning chef.  Together Diana and I uncovered triggers that were making it impossible for me to get to my desired weight and overall balance in my life.  With her coaching I made a dramatic improvement in reducing stress I had been carrying for many years.  I recommend her highly to my friends and fellow entrepreneurs.  She an integral part of my wellness team.”


Cocoon House – Support for at risk teens.

“Thank you again for coming to speak with our youth at Cocoon House this morning! One girl who has lived her for 2 years said it was “the best life skills presentation we’ve ever had”. Another kid who is currently in the middle of recovering from drugs and alcohol said that he was excited to try the techniques you talked about as part of his recovery. Thank you again for bringing such genuine warmth and positivity to our community and for encouraging these kids who have been through so much to dream big”. Susannah Marshall – Cocoon House Staff


“It is not an exaggeration to say that right now I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I could never have had the courage to mooove into the moo-sic business without Diana’s insight.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Diana Ruiz, for a new life…a beautiful new amazing life!
I wish EVERYONE could have a couple sessions with Diana…I’d love to see their smiles when they are done…I’d love to see the relief on their faces…I’d love to see YOU feel the way I do right now!” LindiMoo.com Professional Moo-sician

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