How You Feel Affects Everything


The Key to Revitalizing Your Organization, Employees, Life and Business!


The company vision can get lost in the mad rush for deadlines, personality conflicts, and extended illnesses of key employees. Before too long focus can get shifted from successful outcomes to blame.  It’s important for each member of  the company to assume responsibility for their own success and become invested in achieving it. 

This seminar is geared to motivate employees  to create a cooperative environment – for their own healths sake! 


Employees and management have different roles, however the key to health and success at home and at work is the same for both.  Your key personnel and employees will come away from this seminar with renewed motivation to doing their part to create a more productive and peaceful environment.  The benefits of applying these powerful principles and techniques is that it creates a workforce that is more focused, creative, productive, cooperative, content and healthy.

***This seminar can be tailored for Key Personnel and/or Employees    **Consulting is also available – please call or email with questions

I work with employees/ers who feel stretched and overwhelmed by trying to be present for family, clients, work and themselves.  Here are some of the common issues that wreak havoc in their work, waistline, attitude, health and performance:

  •   Not sleeping  peacefully through the night
  •   Financial Stress
  •   Not eating right
  •   Stress in Relationships
  •   Job related stress i.e. production, processes, expectations


In a Rejuvenating Seminar your employees learn simple principles outlined in my book “Healing Your Life with Water – How to Use Your Mind Body and Water Connection to Awaken Your Inner Fountain of Youth” including:

  • Practical, powerful tools, tips and groundbreaking stress relief techniques 
  • How to eat think and feel to boost rejuvenation, morale and productivity
  • How to leverage your mind body and WATER connection
  • What is an inner fountain of youth
  • The connection between stress and rejuvenation


When we work together we’ll get to the heart of your unique roadblocks for your company and workforce and  learn tools and techniques that will create breakthroughs benefiting BOTH.  By applying these simple proven techniques you’ll also boost:

  •  Energy / Productivity
  •  Creativity
  •  Focus & Clarity
  •  Weight Loss & Rejuvenation


Simply call 425-280-7822 or email me to find out more about how a Rejuvenating Seminar can help revive your business, health and life!



Business benefits when employees and employers FEEL honestly relaxed about life and work.


What Diana’s Clients Say:


“The knowledge and tools provided in Diana’s upcoming books has helped the women in my organization handle their emotions easily and immediately.  I recommend that you read and learn from this brilliant woman” Judy Hoff, Pastor, Counselor and Founder Queen it’s a New Day


Receive a free E-book with your Rejuvenating Seminar consultation!


  • I’m Andrew Elf, a classically French trained, 5-time national award winning chef.  Together Diana and I uncovered triggers that were making it impossible for me to get to my desired weight and overall balance in my life.  With her coaching I made a dramatic improvement in reducing stress I had been carrying for many years.  I recommend her highly to my friends and fellow entrepreneurs.  She an integral part of my wellness team.
  • It is not an exaggeration to say that right now I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I could never have had the courage to mooove into the moo-sic business without Diana’s insight.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Diana Ruiz, for a new life…a beautiful new amazing life!
  • I wish EVERYONE could have a couple sessions with Diana…I’d love to see their smiles when they are done…I’d love to see the relief on their faces…I’d love to see YOU feel the way I do right now!

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