Download ONE SHEET Keynote Concert – Diana E Ruiz

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Not your typical keynote! From working with hundreds of clients as an author & stress relief coach – Diana E. Ruiz knows from experience the biggest challenges most Americans face are overwhelm and stress.  She created this Keynote to address these two issues which are responsible for the greatest number of health issues and blocks to success.  Her passion is to help America and YOUR TEAM RELAX!

Your audience will be treated to a unique combination of world class entertainment, audience participation, and relevant health and wellness wisdom pulled straight from Diana’s award winning book

“Healing Your Life with Water”.

Diana overcame an overwhelmingly stressful social phobia by using a powerful technique featured on Dr. Oz and Oprah to become an Author, Speaker, Stress Relief Coach and Professional Entertainer.  She is passionate about showing others how to unleash their inner confidence and wellbeing in all areas of work and life.

“My goal is to inspire and empower people with the tools that will help them reduce stress and maintain confidence  – no matter what is going on around them! The amazing thing is… its easier than most people think!”

The World Health Organization estimates that stress costs American businesses $300 billion dollars a year – Imagine the benefit of bringing in an expert to show your employees how to de-stress and relax – quickly!


Diana’s powerful insights have been featured in online news articles and radio. More recently she has created a movement called “Relax America Project” where she provides relaxation training to firefighters, police officers and veterans.  She is also a Team Leader and Mentor of Legacy Caring – the Global resource for trusted educators and service providers.

 What you’ll learn:

  • The role stress plays in heart health, performance at work and relationships at home
  • How to boost relaxation response
  • Simple, practical tools proven to quickly reduce stress boost focus, clarity and energy

What You’ll Experience:

diana disco 2Fun, world class entertainment, audience participation, a fresh new way to look at work/life balance – a sense of empowerment in life – rather than overwhelm.

Keynote Concert Topics

  • Increasing Focus, Clarity and Performance
  • Mastering Work/Life Balance
  • Embracing Change
  • Overcoming Your Fears
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Leadership
  • Success Principles
  • Getting Motivated!
  • Finding Your Hidden Blocks

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“I have worked with many professionals and national acts during my many years of involvement as President of the Tri-State Chapter of the NFL Alumni and I esteem Diana’s talent, professionalism and community dedication as world class.  Like a true professional she has the ability to connect in a personal and real way with all audiences.  I’ve had the privilege of watching her light up a room when she speaks and entertains.  If you’re looking for a memorable, inspirational event with plenty of “WOW” factor I highly recommend Diana.”  Carl Ferrill, President of the Tri-State Chapter of the NFL Alumni


 “Diana is flat out one of the best vocalists and cordial entertainers you’ll ever meet. She sings until the angels get jealous, and she handles every detail with smooth professionalism. No matter what the event I highly recommend her.” Ray Boyce – Sound Engineer at Soundrax


 “I recommend you bring this training to your company!” Cindi Schute-Bodle – HR Specialist for several Fortune 500 companies.

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