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Author, Relaxation/Stress Relief Coach, Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Pain Relief Coach

Diana has provided free resources on this site to assist you in moving forward freely in your life in a relaxed and confident way. 


Chronic pain can be exhausting. In addition it can diminish brain function by 40%. Our words are powerful. Knowing what to say to help your body relax and free up your internal healing process. Learn simple words that have a powerfully positive impact on your health.


The most common responses to unwelcome situations in life are: anger, disappointment, frustration, overwhelm, feeling helpless, and anxiety. Unchecked these can rob us of our vitality, sleep, energy and health. Learn how to dissolve these long held stressors quickly and experience a deeper calm in your mind and body..


Sometimes everything seems too big, to hard, too complicated and you feel to stuck to move forward in an important area of life. Try a process that helps to put it all in perspective so you can move forward freely toward your dreams and goals no matter what area of life; relationships, professional, personal

Poppy Flower

Janette M, ID

“The relaxation response was immediate. I was surprised!"

Robyn S, ID

"I couldn't believe how quickly the pain in my back subsided."

Raeann H, WA

“The exercises Diana shared with me helped restore my relationship with my mother.”

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