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I have always shared those things that have helped me feel relief during the difficult times in my life and have been grateful for each opportunity to do so.. As a result of a challenging life early on I developed panic attacks, depression, social phobia and PTSD.

Thankfully my search for relief led me to some powerful tools as a result I became a Stress Relief Coach specializing in traumatic healing with EFT (tapping), a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and an Author of a wellness book "Healing Your Life with Water".


Over the last decade it has been a great honor to empower many many people with these powerful methods in addition to the methods I developed along the way (they are offered in the Free Resources section). Now more than ever feeling a sense of calm no matter what is going on around us is so important and welcomed.

I am proud parent of three children whom I love very much (my eldest is in heaven now) and my amazing grandson.

I am very happily married for 22 years.

The other hat I wear is that of professional vocalist/entertainer/songwriter.

In my spare time I design inspirational jewelry and products. 

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