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I am a very private person however I felt prompted to share my story.

Two years after my eldest daughter passed away I became very ill.  In early 2020 I had been experiencing pain for weeks. One night the pain was at its worst and I thought for sure that death would be the best relief. On this the worst night of pain I cried out to God or someone, something anything for relief.


The next thing that happened changed me profoundly. To my surprise Jesus reveled himself to me. He stepped forward in my mind and I was immediately captured by his undeniable presence. He didn't say anything verbally yet  so much was communicated to me. The thing that stands out the most was his unrelenting compassion and gentleness,  I FELT his intense love wash over me in waves. I share the full story in the video below.   Within only a few moments of feeling wave after wave of love from Jesus I felt truly at home, whole, loved, the kind of loved that I had always longed to feel for the first time in my life.

I woke up the next day with no more pain and felt so lighthearted that I skipped through my day.  A marked difference from the feelings of helplessness of the previous weeks.  I vowed that I would never forget what I had experienced.  


 Truth be told I had not stepped into a church more than 3 or 4 times in four decades because of the many disappointments in previous experiences. I did believe in God but felt he had let me down.  I realized though, after this encounter, that it wasn't God or Jesus that had disappointed me - it was those who I thought were representing them that had let me down. I was able to forgive after that.

Even now our relationship is intensely personal on a daily basis and I do not subscribe to any organized religion.  I feel that those moments when Jesus helped others in need was His form of church in a way - and in that way I strive to truly attend every day.


 Over the past fifteen years I have been grateful to share with people from all walks of life and beliefs simple ways to relax and move toward their goals and dreams and live life with greater ease. After this experience I feel an even deeper gratitude to help..


I look forward working with you.

This video was recorded after a marathon month of moving out of state and on the final move out day. I was tired but feeling so blessed : )


Let’s Work Together

I look forward to working with you.

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